Kosovo SME Promotion Programme (KOSME)

The overall objective

To contribute to the promotion of market-oriented private sector development in Kosovo and foster global competitiveness of Kosovo's SMEs in line with the principles of sustainable development.

The specific objective

To contribute to the improvement of framework conditions and service provision for SMEs in Kosovo as a result of extended access to finance and professionalized business development services provided by the SME Support Agency of Kosovo, with special emphasis on the creation of opportunities for the poor - men and women, youth, and minorities.

Capacity Development

Kosovo's SME Support Agency is assisted and strengthened to effectively support SMEs / private sector development and the implementation of the SME Strategy. KOSME supports MTI/SMESA in increasing its decision making and strategic planning capacities, improving research and PR capacities, assessing the state of the private sector, establishing Municipal Competitiveness Indicators and improving public private dialogue and donor coordination.

Business Development Services

The Voucher Counselling Scheme (VCS) is re-organized and re-established to assist SMEs with consulting and training services. Business Consultants Council re-organization is supported including qualification, training, and CMC certification of consultants.

Improved Access to Finance

Supporting the creation of Credit Guarantee Scheme for improving SME access to finance. Developing a funding strategy for the SME Guarantee Fund and the implementation of awareness raising measures on the CGS. Provision of coaching to the MTI/SMESA staff on the CGS and trainings to the employees of the financial institutions and the provision of support in the implementation of the initial phase of the CGS.